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Discover the convenience of Self-Storing doors.

The Fox Weldoor Self-Storing storm door has most of the features as the non Self-Storing models except that the inserts need not be removed when changing from glass to screen.  The sliding glass insert, when raised, exposes the screen for ventilation.  This is very helpful when wanting partial ventilation during colder months.  Multiple venting positions give just the right amount of ventilation needed.   Although all of the inserts are removable, it is not necessary to remove and store the glass or screen.

Our Harmony Self-Storing models also offer a unique full screen option which will allow you to vent either the top or bottom without swapping fixed insert tracks. Or vent both the top and the bottom at the same time.  This feature also allows you to quickly and easily remove your inserts for full ventilation of your  screen opening.

Some manufacturers feature roll-up screens. Research indicates they will not provide a lifetime of service that our customers expect from The Fox Weldoor.  If your screen gets damaged, it can be easily repaired locally at a reasonable cost. This is not true of roll-up screens.  Ask any supplier and they will confirm the cost and problems of roll-up screen repair.

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