Do you carry storm windows to go over my adjoining side lites?2017-08-14T12:17:06-04:00

We do, and they are available in all of our colors to match your storm door.

I have French doors on the front of my house. Can I get French storm doors too?2017-08-14T12:16:42-04:00

Yes, we manufacture French storm doors in all styles, colors and sizes.

My Door is not a standard size, are you able to manufacture custom sizes?2017-08-14T12:16:14-04:00

Absolutely! We can custom make almost any of our style doors to fit your opening.

Does the Fox Weldoor come with foam filled insulation?2017-08-14T12:15:47-04:00

No. Don’t be fooled, most storm doors are made of hollow aluminum tube. Inserting Styrofoam into the aluminum tube does not increase the insulating properties of aluminum storm doors. If you were to measure the temperature of the outside face of a foam filled storm door and compare it to the temperature of the inside face, you would find little or more likely no difference. This is due to the cold being conducted from the outside of the tube to the inside.

Why doesn’t the Fox Weldoor come with two door closer tubes like the Home Center Doors do?2017-08-14T12:15:08-04:00

The Home Center Doors need two air closers to close the door properly. Because of their flimsy construction the door won’t shut tightly from top to bottom without two closers. The Fox Weldoor comes with on e hydraulic closer for smooth and quiet operation. We also provide a safety strap, which is engineered to keep your storm door closer and the door itself from serious damage due to high winds.

What about models of doors and color availability?2017-08-14T12:14:47-04:00

The Fox Weldoor is available in 13 models and 15 powder coated finishes. We also offer color matching, ask one of our representative for more information.

What Makes the Fox Weldoor better than the storm doors sold at the National Home Centers?2017-08-14T12:14:43-04:00

There are several reasons. Here are just a few. We Heliarc Weld the door corners together, which provides for the strongest bond possible. A lot of Home Center’s storm doors are screwed together using corner gussets made of plastic! The Fox Weldoor Uses an interlocking hinge system with bronze bushings and steel hinge pins. Every Fox Weldoor comes with a heavy duty extruded screen frame. Most storm door manufacturers use a light weight rolled stock for their screen framing.

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