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PHSS Self Storing Door

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Self Storing Series

Works of Art for Your Home

Heliarc-Welded Storm Doors

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Beautiful. Functional. Durable. If you could design the perfect storm door, you would start with those three requirements. Then, you would add classic styling, use the best materials, build in long-lasting quality features, and provide the most advanced finish. In short, you would create a Fox Weldoor™.

Years of testing and product refinement have gone into the development of the Fox Weldoor, making it one of the Midwest’s best-selling brands. That gives you the freedom to choose any door from our extensive collection with complete confidence.

Take the smart approach. Begin with a review of the Fox Weldoor construction features that ensure years of reliable performance. Take special note of:

  • Heliarc-welded corners
  • Interlocking hinges
  • Heavy aluminum screens
  • State-of-the-art finishes

Select from our assortment of models and colors. Complete your work of art with our special hardware and trim options. Whether traditional, contemporary, elegant, or informal, Fox Weldoor has the style and color that is right for you. We create works of art that personalize your home.

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