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The Harmony 2100

After 50 years of success building great-looking, long-lasting Storm Doors,  we decided to create an upscale new product for the 21st century.  It had to include all the strengths of our Classic line, plus offer additional durability and updated styling, while still providing beauty and value for homeowners. We combined the perfect blend of form and function, Our newest generation of quality storm doors artfully blends elegance with state-of-the-art features in a door that is both solid and beautiful.  All our Harmony 2100 Series doors feature sleek, smooth styling, a dent-resistant kick panel, and weatherstripping in the glass and screen panels.  The result is now our most popular product. The Harmony 2100 Series


Built with 21st century materials and new technology.  Designed as an old world cabinet maker would want the door to look like.  Smooth clean lines accented with a distinct OG radius and contour.

Horizontal and vertical frame members intersect as found on fine cabinetry. The expander ends are filled in.  All insert lines hidden within the door frame.  Clean smooth lower panels free from distracting design.


Built to last the life of the house.

Why not?  With proper materials and engineered properly,  it should last as long as any other part of a house.  And the wind shouldn’t be able to destroy the door.

The Harmony Series Weldoor is an upscale version of our Classic line.  It has a heavier, thicker, and wider frame but does not reduce the sight area of the glass.  This series provides a cleaner,  smoother frame profile.  End caps to hold the bottom expander.  A heavier flat tempered kick panel.  We used our Classic model that has performed extremely well for over 50 years as a base to develop our 21st century next generation storm door.  The Harmony 2100 Series.

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