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Three Track Aluminum Window

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Is everyone telling you to replace your old prime windows?  Before you do, consider this. Do your current windows have a good tight fit?  Do the operate smoothly?  Do they lock properly?  A good functioning prime window with a Fox Storm Window installed on it can substantially increase it’s insulation value.

Fox Storm Windows look great, are easy to operate, and provide a tight seal effectively reducing outside air infiltration.

Let’s Build A Storm Window Together!

First we take your measurements and cut the main frame to fit.  We also cut all of the glass and screen parts that will fit into the main frame at this time.  Our main frame is made from the finest heavy duty aluminum extrusions.  We take your main frame and notch the multiple locking positions for the glass and screen inserts.  After notching has been completed, we heli-arc weld all four corners together. Welding the main frame corners provides for the strongest possible bond. The main frame is now ready for the pre-treating and powder coating.  The welded main frame is submerged in a mild acid-water solution.  This solution cleans and etches the aluminum frame providing a clean surface for the powder coating to adhere to.  The main frame is dried and hung on an overhead conveyor that takes it to the powder application booth.  The frame is now coated with a polyurethane coating. The conveyer takes the main frame to our thirty foot long baking oven  where the powder will be baked on the aluminum frame.  After the main frame has been inspected it is taken to the window assembly cell where the glass and screen panels are inserted.  The assembler makes sure that the glass and screen panels are inserted.  The assembler makes sure the glass and screen panels fit properly and that the multi-positional locking is correctly located in the frame.  Your window is now ready for instillation.

Three Track Windows are available in Double Hung, Slider, Oriel, or Cottage type

Available in Mill or one of our 17 Powder Coated Color

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